Herb Bouquets & Spring Market Greens

I love having fresh flowers in the house – especially when those flowers are freshly picked from the yard. This week is a quick post that nods to the beauty and utility of herbs in bloom and edible blossoms in general.

About a month ago our sage and thyme bloomed in full force and I cut both plants back to encourage fresh growth. The cuttings – vibrant purple flowers from the sage, and electric pink from the thyme – perfumed and lit up our apartment. Having fresh herb bouquets not only brightens up the kitchen, but it means that they’re at your fingertips and can be easily plucked while cooking. After a few days, they can be hung to dry and stored for future use.

Along with the sage, thyme, and chive blossoms from our own garden, pictured in the image series below are fresh vegetables and an edible bouquet I picked up at the Vancouver Farmers Market from Lowland Herb Farm. Lowland sells a variety of biodynamically grown herb seedlings to plant in your own garden, bundles of fresh herbs ready for use, and beautiful mixed greens studded with edible flowers. And compared to the prices of flowers at most shops, this bouquet featuring a mix of edible herbs and flowers, was an absolute bargain at $5.

Next time you’re out in your own garden, or at your local market, consider what edibles could double as attractive bouquets to liven up your home, next dinner party, or even a wedding. In all cases they are beautiful, economical, sustainable and – at least in my opinion – they can be far more satisfying than purchased from a florist.