All photography by Brett of Brett Ryan Studios unless otherwise stated.

Anyone who has been to our house for dinner knows that words alone fail to capture the depth and beauty of Jesse's food. Her cooking is an experience that envelops all the senses. And while we can't capture the aroma of her fresh baked bread, or convey the taste of that perfectly balanced lemon tart, we do our best to showcase these wonderful creations through imagery. 

The characteristics of an authentically Jesse dish include thoughtful composition and balance of simplicity, colours, and textures.  These ideas are typically well paired with a back-story about which seasonal ingredient came from which local supplier, or a nutritional anecdote, and create the foundation of her approach to cooking. With that in mind, the photography attempts to follow suit. 

For each post, styled images tend to be themed around the colours of principal ingredients and the textures of the recipe at hand; from showcasing the individual crystals of sea salt and spices, to relaying the muted tones of heritage grains and winter greens. The props cast to the side of many frames serve to inform on the tools we often use and share in the story of our kitchen and our home.

It's these themed pictures that provide me with a fulfilling creative outlet to compliment Jesse’s endless imagination for making meaningful meals from scratch. But amongst the styled and staged, we include simpler shots that purely document the process (for ourselves as much as for others) and snapshots from our weekly food adventures. 

Since meeting Jesse, my understanding and appreciation for food has grown immensely. I'm fortunate to capture these images and even more so to experience these very meals immediately after. Through the photos on this site, I hope you gain a better understanding and appreciation for the daily food that we love to create.