Welcome to Four Amongst Three (affectionately known as “FAT”). My name is Jesse and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia along with Brett, my partner in life – and this site. 

I have had a deep affection and appreciation for food for as long as I can remember, undoubtedly owed to the culinary mentors I had growing up. As a child, I was also known to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch, not cartoons, but the pioneers of cooking television which notably included my earliest memorable influence: Canadian chef James Barber as The Urban Peasant.

First and foremost I love to cook, often for others but I also get great satisfaction of making an enjoyable meal just for myself. In the kitchen I am self-taught, and a continuous student at that.  Formally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Nutraceutical Science and Master of Science in Health & Nutrition, and have worked in healthcare for the better part of the past decade.

This site serves as a platform to document my culinary adventures and to share food knowledge through stories. Within the stories featured on the blog you will find the inspiration, often memories, behind the recipes. Notably, at the heart of this inspiration lies my interest in the culture and human connection that comes through sharing food, and ultimately my passion for food security. 

The recipes I post feature sustainably sourced ingredients, as much as possible from our province of BC, which is home to a bountiful array of farms and orchards, pacific coastal waters, world-class wine country and artisan food producers.  With such a plethora of wonderful ingredients available, I feel it is important not to take this supply for granted, and to remember that food is not an infinite resource, but one that must be respected and preserved. You can read more about my food philosophy here. 

While I often enjoy cooking with what might be termed gourmet ingredients, I also strive to make food approachable and adaptable to the ingredients and tools to which one has access. Ultimately, it is my goal to inspire others to have fun and be confident, adventurous, and resourceful in the kitchen; regardless of their level of cooking knowledge or experience. Buckminster Fuller famously said “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes”. I've certainly had my share of unexpected cooking outcomes and, for the better or worse, they have helped me grow immensely in the kitchen and, arguably, as a person. In this site, I hope you find inspiration to take risks and have fun in the kitchen. Enjoy the rewards of your successes; and laugh about the mishaps along the way.